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place component in the center of board

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  • place component in the center of board


    How can I use one of the align features to place component quickly in the bottom and center of the board without dealing with grid size etc. It seems to work with more that one component but how to place one component? Any ideas guys what I am missing here?

    Thanks a lot

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    Usually the align features will align more components together. So you can for example place one component to the bottom, then select all the component which you would like to have at the bottom and use Align Bottom. If you only would like to align one component, you may need to do that manually.


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      ok, thank you very much Robert.


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        You can always open properties on the component and set the x, y, and rotation

        sometimes I export the list as PNP/CSV and then edit manually, rename the file to .pik and then use tools->component placement->place from file
        select the pik file and it will place only those components you have listed in the file

        I do this sometimes with radial placement as it seems altium does not always place exactly on the radial grid