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  • Mounting Hole!

    Hi Guys,

    I got problem with Mounting Hole, I have added vias to make it mechanically strong, and connected all to a same net, as shown in this figure. But DRC issue errors, mostly net-antenna, do you have idea what is problem and how I can fix it?

    Click image for larger version

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    you have to make an exeption for this footprint.

    go into the rules, look up the highspeed-> vias under smd

    create a rule

    All and not (HasFootprint('Mounting Hole*')

    mayube that will do the trick


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      just thinking about this, I would suggest to make it a bit different, because a via in a via is maybe a bit difficult. you should make a manual top and botom pad by creating 3 pad on top of each other.. top center hole (plated), and bottom then place throughole pads in the outer layer


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        Thank you, I did so, but no change, still DRC error pops up.


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          JohnsonMiller I normally create mounting hole as symbol + footprint ( as I mentioned here: ). In footprint I use PADs, no VIAs. However, I only did this in Allegro - I am not sure what violations you can get in Altium.

          Antenna error maybe means, that you only have the ring on one layer? (VIAs are not connecting the rings on multiple layers.)