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Isolated Copper: Split plane error help

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  • Isolated Copper: Split plane error help

    Good morning dear forum. I have a question about picture attached, theres a drc message "Isolated Copper: Split plane (gnd) on internal plane 1: copper island connected to pads/vias detected" Well there are 2 gnd planes, ive made direct connetions for plane on rules, I dont know what should be that error. Someone can help ?
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    is think you should check the following..
    ussually these appear when you have through hole connectors on your board right in between the connector or a bunch of via's close too eachother , if your clearance rule is set to too big you will get an island of copper that is unconnected.
    go to your board to board clearance and set it smaller.

    or in case of a polygon plane, go and enable the "remove dead copper"option.
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      You should be able to locate the exact position of the error and see what the problem is. Click on Panels Button -> PCB Rules and Violations and find the error in the list. Double click there, use Jump and Highlight buttons to see what is going on. Possibly, could you attach screenshot from the location and also screenshot of the problem?
      PS: Sometimes, you just may need to re-run DRC check - e.g. if you saw the error and corrected the rule, you may need to re-run DRC to clear the error.