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Mounting hole footprint

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  • Mounting hole footprint


    This query is regarding the mounting hole footprint.

    Lesson : 6
    At time t=41:23, the visible layers are package geometry/silkscreen top, ref des/silkscreen top, package geometry/assembly top, ref des/assembly top, pin/soldermask top and package geometry/pin number.

    At time t=42:41, The visible layers are package Geometry/Assembly_top & Ref Des/Assembly_top.

    During this period, the visibility layers are not changed. But its reflecting the video.

    at time t =42:42, you are having only two circles. (inner circle in the pink color and outer circle in ash color in assembly top layer). I followed the same procedure and getting three circles. I am getting one more outer circle in blue color. This circle (in blue color) is visible even after hiding all the layers (attached the screenshoot).

    Could you please explain me where this layer is located and how to remove it?

    Between time t=42:21 ~ 42:23, two outer circle layers are hidden suddenly.

    Also attached the pad file and dra file for your kind reference.

    Thanking you.

    Thanks & regards,
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    I apologize for late replay. Good catch. I had to re-record that part of the video and forgot to set the same layer visibility. You can use Info command to get information about layer where object is located. Have you been able to solve this out by yourself?