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  • Could Not Launch Footprint

    Hi Robert,

    I downloaded a part from Ultra Librarian and put the OLB file and the DRA file in a local folder. But after I put the part in a schematic, this is a warning.
    WARNING(ORCAP-2434): Footprint 'CP_32_15' specified in PCB Footprint for instance 'U1' is missing. Ensure 'CP_32_15' is in the library path.
    What is the default location for OrCAD capture to search for the footprint associated to a symbol? Can I change or add the path to let OrCAD capture know the right location of the footprint?


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    This may help:

    Points 2 and 4 are interesting:
    2. Launch Design Entry CIS. Note the full path for the Capture.ini file shown on the Start Page (see Figure 2). Depending on how Cadence is installed on your computer, the full path should be similar to:


    or, if you made a custom HOME variable:

    4. The Capture.ini file will open in Notepad. Under the [Allegro Footprints] section, add the full library search path from step 1 above if it is not already listed (see Figure 4). Note that you must increment the number after Dir for each path added (e.g., Dir0, Dir1, Dir2). Do not delete any existing paths from the list.


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      It works after I added the path to the [Part Library Directories] section.

      It looks like there is an easy way to do this. From PCB editor a path can be added from Setup->User Preferences->Paths->Library. I'll try this way later.