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Advance PCB Layout Course with Cadence Allegro!

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  • Advance PCB Layout Course with Cadence Allegro!

    Hi Robert,
    Did you do the Advanced PCB Layout Course with Cadence OrCAD Allegro? I saw you did lessen 3 with Cadence on Youtube. If you did the whole course, that would be very helpful. Thanks
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    No, we do not have Advanced PCB Layout course in Allegro and I am not planning to create it. The course is about PCB layout so ... most of the content applies on any CAD system - it is our the most CAD independent course.

    Altium is only used for demonstration - to show how it can be done and what to look for in your specific software. I know it would be helpful to demonstrate some of the features also in Allegro, just it is not so easy to create the course - it's a lot of work.

    So, if you are taking the course and using Allegro, the only question could be how to work on the course activities to practice specific things (the activity files are in Altium). However, some time ago we imported the board into Allegro and you can use it for the activities. Most activities are created the way, that specific things are deleted from the finished project and you will need to create them back. That should be possible. Here is link to the brd file:

    PS: Please what video are your referring to?


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      Hi Robert,
      Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.
      The video is "How to do DDR3 T-Branch Length Matching (Cadence Allegro)", using the same board from your course that I am taking now. I followed it using Cadence Allegro, an awesome video.
      BTW, do you use the "Serpentine" feature in the Cadence layout technique. Can you give some tips on using the Serpentine routing feature?


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        Thank you/ I have done length matching in Allegro and it works very well. PS: I asked cadence for a license (my old one expired) ... maybe in future I can make more videos in allegro


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          I need to learn high-speed PCB layout and I check out your advanced PCB layout course. it's looking good to upgrade my skill in high-speed PCB layout but I have to try to communicate any time with you regarding advanced PCB layout crouse but no reply. I have some questions about this course.
          1. will I become a high-speed PCB layout specialist after doing this course?
          2.during this course, how many projects will do at high speed?
 can I download courses related videos?
          4. courses fees?


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            1. I made a video about it: Can You Be a Great SCH & PCB Layout Engineer? How?

            2. Advanced PCB Layout course is based on two boards: iMX6Rex module and iMX6Rex Development Baseboard. Both boards are open source and you can download them here:

            3. When you will be signing up for the course, select "Online and Download" option.

            4. If you sign up for Advanced PCB Layout course - Online and Download, the price is 399USD:

            If you would have any questions during the course, you can ask them on this forum. If you have any questions about purchasing, the best is to send email to [email protected]

            PS: I apologize for replaying late. I try, just it is very difficult as I receive many emails, comments, feedbacks, ...


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              but on your website advanced PCB layout course fees is 199 USD.


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                ROHIT TYAGI the price depends on what option you sign up for. The price $199 is for Online option. Downloading videos is available in "Online and Download" option which is $399.