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    Hello Robert,
    Thanks so much for your contribution to the PCB design community.
    Are you planning to add another complex multi-layer (12 or more layers) PCB design course to the FEDEVEL Academy course list? That would be very helpful to share your expertise in designing and track layout through multi-layers with Cadence OrCad/Allegro tools.

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    Thank you GCopper. Simple answer is no.

    I would like to, just, there are some factors what are putting me off that. First money - it cost a lot of money to develop a board like that (maybe 100 000USD - to pay at least 1 year for salary to HW engineer + SW engineer, material, manufacturing, testing, etc). Second - once I open source it to the world, there are companies (and also people) who just steal it ... and that is not very motivating.

    I would do it, if I would not need to care about money (so I would not really care if people copy and share my work or not) and I would have time for it (e.g. if I would not need to run my company).

    Maybe when FEDEVEL Education takes off.