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Foorprint is not updated from pcb_package properties in Cadence CIS 22.1

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  • Foorprint is not updated from pcb_package properties in Cadence CIS 22.1


    After creating the footprint and give the name of the footprint to the package properties manager, it is not updated on orcad CIS (that is, when i double-click on component in the schematics, pcb footprint remains empty...)

    Does someone have an idea to resolve this ?

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    Even when entering pcb_footprint by double-click on component on PAGE schematics, it did not found it ! Can someone help me please ??

    I got errror message on cadence startup on DRC Online : WARNING(ORCAP2334): Footprint 'NAME' specified in PCB footprint for instance 'NAME_CPNENT' is missing. Ensure 'NAME OF FOOTPRINT' is in the library path.

    I saved correctly my allegro footprint where is the library ....

    Under SESION LOG I got : : Allegro footprint cap_Kemet_0201_LevelC was not found in the search path.
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      This may help, let me know:


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        Great thanks you very much it's OK now :-)


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          In order to update the footprint in Orcad CIS, you will need to make sure that the name of the footprint in the package properties manager matches the name of the footprint in Orcad CIS. If it does not match, you can use the "Change Footprint" option found under the "Tools" menu to manually change the footprint. After that, the footprint should be updated and visible in Orcad CIS. Mobile app development solutions refer to the creation and development of mobile applications for handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. Our solutions include the design and development of both native and cross-platform mobile applications using a wide range of technologies, such as Java, Objective-C, Swift, HTML, CSS, and XML. We also incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our designs, allowing us to create more intelligent and intuitive user experiences by using automated processes and algorithms. AI can help analyze user behavior and preferences, generate personalized recommendations, and even allow for increased accuracy and responsiveness in processing user input. This helps ensure that users have the best experience possible while interacting with your mobile application.
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