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    HELLO SIr kindly response of my this message
    i purchases ur course on udemy of how to build your own arduino board i am having few questions about it
    1- what is thw reason of 2 reset buttons?

    2- what make it different from arduino board?

    3- what is the power consumption of this board?
    Plzzzzzz reply me as soon as possible because i was about to start my own bussiness and to develop my own boards and my university will be asking me tooo much question about this..

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    1) There is only 1 reset button, the other is User button

    2) This may help:

    3) It will depend on what MCU is doing and what is connected to the board. There are many articles about it, for example, this may help (says 30mA - 50mA / 5V):


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      but sir i need to know about the purpose of user button ??
      okey sir i will see the links if i have any problems i will inform u


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        You can use the button any way you like (depends on your firmware)