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    Hi Robert,I have 2 question.
    1.Can you distinguish the solder mask and solder paste,silkscreen?.What's necessity of 3 layer?
    2.What is the difference of cut tape and tape&reel parameter .I see that you always use cut tape .Is this for all board?

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    Thank you.


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      1) Mask is the COLOR on PCB (Green, Red, Blue, ... you need a special layer, because you don't want to cover PADS with the color), paste is the layer used to put TIN on pads (used when SMT components are assembled, it's a foil with openings where PADS are located, then you cover it with thin layer of tin and when you remove the foil, the tin paste will only be on the PADS), Silkscreen is the TEXT (usually white color)

      2) Components are normally in reels, tubes, etc. in many pieces (a reel can have thousands of components). If you would like to buy small quantity, they need to cut the tape from the reel ... that is why I usually go for cut tape.