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YOCTO course with OpenRex SBC Ultra

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  • YOCTO course with OpenRex SBC Ultra

    I am following the course instructions for building U-Boot for the OpenRex. After updating all the files for the board I managed to compile U-Boot without errors and to flash the u-boot.imx file with the MFG tool. The problem is that, even after commenting out all the PMIC stuff as explained in the course, I keep getting the "Can't find PMIC:PFUZE100" error when booting.

    The only difference is that I am using the OpenRex SBC Ultra version, are any other modifications needed? I guess so because U-Boot shows a message saying that the board has 2GB of RAM but it actually has 4GB.

    Any advise about how to get rid of the PMIC error and how to build U-Boot so it recognize the 4GB RAM of the Ultra variant?

    Any help will be appreciated! I am stuck here!


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    - I would try to search in the files what we were updating for "PFUZE" ... maybe it is somewhere e.g. a config file?

    - building 2GB vs 4GB it is explained in next lessons (it will not recognize the memory size automatically - for this you would need to implement ... I forgot how ti is called ..... you may want to google for it, but it was not so simple, so I have not included it in the course ... however it is possible)