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22uF Bulk Capacitor

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  • 22uF Bulk Capacitor

    Hi Robert,

    I don't know if I am right or not, so sorry in advance if I am saying something wrong!! The "less than 50 mil" requirement on the VDD_xx_CAP capacitor trace lenght seems not met on the imx6rex module. Is that correct and do you see any issue related to it ? I have seen that on the OpenRex the layout is quite different (like the Sabre SD/AI) and seems to meet the hardware manual requirements. From your experience, what is happening if the trace length is far more than 50misl ? many thanks! Massimo

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    It's not always possible to follow the recommendations - if it's not possible I try to follow it as close as I can.

    PS: We have not had any issues with iMX6Rex module.