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USB_OTG on Baseboard and Module

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  • USB_OTG on Baseboard and Module

    I am looking at Baseboard schematic. If I choose to use USB0 as USB_OTG there is a jumper JP1 that connects USB_ID to GND if populated, which means that USB micro AB will work as a Host.
    For Host operation can be used USB_OTG cable that has ID pin connected to GND. In that case JP1 can be left open. Am I right?
    What if I want to use it as a Device? It says in Design Note that for Slave (meaning Client) operation USB0_ID should be left to float...
    In module schematic there is Design Note which says that for Device operation USB-ID should be 1. Does it mean that in that case USB_OTG_ID is pulled up inside the iMX6?
    For Device operation 5V power supply comes from USB connector. In this case +5V_USB_OTG from J21 will power up +5V, which is going to power +5V_USB_VBUS. Did I understand it correctly?

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    Check the TinyRex Baseboard Lite - that could help you (Page 9):

    iMX6Rex Development Baseboard doesn't handle 5V automatically - OTG is there more like for testing (it is optional, not fitted by default).