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Tiny Rex Boot configuration.

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  • Tiny Rex Boot configuration.

    please explain what is the efuse configuration of tiny rex?
    In tiny rex base board we can change only Boot_Mode_0 and so we have only 2 option: a)efuse b)serial download and we can not change Boot_Mode_1. Is it due limit of base board or due limit of core board?
    I want main boot configuration set to SATA or spi norflash but I can boot from sd card,serial loader,USB flash memory,... what is the the correct configuration?
    efuse is OTP? so when we buy a Tiny Rex module can not change efuse? If we program incorrect efuse so tiny rex module will be damge and there is not way to repare it?

    I am confused about boot configuration. Please guide me?
    Best Regards
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    - It is not necessary to control Boot Mode 1. You only need to know the correct eFuses settings.
    - I am not 100% sure what is default VOIPAC TinyRex module eFuse settings. It will be booting up from SD card or SPI.
    - You can ask VOIPAC do not set the eFuses, that is not a problem. Once you get the modules, you can burn the eFuses to boot up from the interface you need.
    - Once you burn eFuses and the setting is wrong, only the way to fix it is to replace the CPU

    Have a look at the iMX6 Reference manual (Chapter 5 Fusemap), that may help you:


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      Hi robert,
      Now boot from sd card on the tiny rex. Can you send efuse config for spi nor flash?
      please more explain about efuse because it is very dangerous!!!


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        Hi tanbakoo. Honestly, I do not know what are the exact eFuse settings what VOIPAC uses. I would have to test it the same way as you would need to test it (I would need to buy an empty new module from VOIPAC, have a look into documentation and try to burn the eFuses). However, once you receive a module with eFuses set, you can simply read the settings:

        You can try to ask directly VOIPAC. Do not forget and attached your order number or module number to your email.