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Which version of Altium was used in the Learn Altium Essentials course?

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  • Which version of Altium was used in the Learn Altium Essentials course?

    I'm starting my life over and the first thing I want to do is review your excellent training course: Learn Altium Essentials. This video made me feel alive again last year after over 20 years of drug dependence. I am now sober for 2 years and feeling happy when I work. I want to review this course with the same version of Altium that was used in the course. I searched for the answer. I could not find any FAQ. When I watch this course it is like you are speaking to me in the same room in one on one training. Thank you for making this training course with such care.

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    How can I edit the title of this post to read like a question? I want the question to be, "Which version of Altium was used in the Learn Altium Essentials course?"


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      I have updated the title

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    Hi vtrandal, I think, it was recorded in AD13 (it doesn't say it in the window header). However, version of the software is not important. You should be just fine with any Altium version.

    During the course I use basic features. If your Altium is older than AD13, maybe some features were not implemented yet, but you still should learn a lot. If you use a newer version, there are not really many differences in the way how you use the basic features - for the biggest differences I made some update videos:


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      Thank you, Robert. Thank you for changing the title and thank you for providing the link for the updates. I've seen this information before but I never get tired of seeing it again. I thought I would install AD13 to avoid any differences but with your videos covering the updates I will be okay. Thank you.

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    Robert, when you say old Altium and new Altium approximately which version is considered old and which version is considered new? I will guess AD15 is the beginning of new version from looking at Altium's download page. It starts with version 15. So if I did want the old version mentioned in your updates would it be AD13 or AD14?


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      The OLD would be the version before xSignals, I do not remember which one it was exactly ... AD14? After that version they started experimenting with other changes too ...