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length matching with xsignals or manual excel

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  • length matching with xsignals or manual excel

    I have seen your video on xsignals and it was great. I just want to confirm one thing. In your lessons you used excel file to manually measure and calculate traces on each layer for DDR. Assuming I have a very symmetric topology should I just trust xsignals and dont use excel?

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    We still use both - xSignals and also spreadsheet.

    Spreadsheets can be useful as they keep records of the original layout and if needed you can simply compare the numbers with actual layout (for example when you are creating a new board version or revision, sometimes you may want to be sure, that memory layout was untouched - that is when spreadsheet can be useful). We also use spreadsheets for double checking the memory layout.

    The truth is, xSignals are now quite good and it may not be necessary to keep creating spreadsheets.