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  • Fabrication cost

    I almost finished the imx6 rex project and I asked for a quote from a manufacturer for 5 pcbs but the unit cost seems so high! Its 400 euros for 1 and the tooling cost is 600 euros (which seems normal). I just want a couple of boards so I can verify my knowledge learnt from your videos. Is this a reasonable price??? Do you think the unit price reduces drastically if you ask for say 1000 units?

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    I asked the unit price for 50 and it was down to 120 euros. so ı guess quantity matters


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      That sounds right. Here are the numbers which we paid:

      Prototype price: $184.50 USD per PCB
      Unit price: $140 | Quantity: 20pcs | Tooling $890
      Total for 20 pieces of prototype PCB: $3690 USD / $184.50 per PCB

      Mass production price: $9.32USD per PCB
      Unit price: $8 | Quantity: 1000pcs | Tooling $1317
      Total for 1000 pieces of prototype PCB: $9317 USD / $9.32 per PCB