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Create a build of unpacked rootfs?

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  • Create a build of unpacked rootfs?

    I have followed the instructions on the (also described in the videos for the Yocto course) to build the images (zImage, DTB, rootfs) for the the OpenRex. However, I notice the build directory does not include a raw version of the rootfs.

    I see this file in my build directory:


    And I also see the sdcard.gz file (which I know contains the zImage, DTB, and rootfs). With that said, if possible, I'd like for the Yocto build to include an unpacked copy of the rootfs as a directory, containing the entire rootfs. Is this possible, if so how might I do this?

    Here you will find some basic info about how to start with YOCTO and OpenRex. If you follow the steps below, you will be able to compile the source code by

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    ... or alternatively maybe a better solution for me would be to build the rootfs as a tar ball, which I could then untar to a location of my choosing.


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      You should be able to mount the ext4 file. Just use this command:

      Click image for larger version

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