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  • Command over Schematics!


    ​The course on uboot, Linux gives a good intro on how to utilize the schematics to do a custom board bringup. While the course gives a good insight and a direction, schematics heavily leans towards the PCB layout, board design and is mostly a black magic for software engineers which seems like the sleight of hand or the waving of a magic wand. If they are laid out in concrete methodical steps without the rigours demanded by years of professional experience, that would be excellent.

    ​Is there any good book on the subject ? (for dummies like me)

    ​Seeking That!

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    Do you mean books about Schematic design, PCB Layout or Software development?
    I do not have any specific books - I mostly learn from working on projects. Here are my comments:

    - Schematic design may require some background in electronics. Schematics are usually done based on reference designs + experience. If you would like to learn some basics, I would recommend to play with Arduino.
    - Some PCB layout knowledge can be learned (have a look at our hardware design and PCB layout online courses), but same as for everything, you ideally may need to have some experience from designing boards. You can start with something simple e.g.
    - Info about porting software: Some documents can be found (in the course I included link to this file: ). These documents are helpful to give you and idea how it works and what to do.


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      Hi Robert,

      I do not have any experience designing boards :-(
      ​I read about breadboard design. That's it. No practical experience.



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        If you are interested to learn more about boards, have a look at our courses:

        - Learn OrCAD & Allegro Essentials (you can do this course with free version of Orcad)

        - Learn to Design Your Own Boards (you will need Altium license for this)

        These courses may help you to get some practical experience.