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Position Virtualization using Openrex & Blender Software

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  • Position Virtualization using Openrex & Blender Software

    Upon executing the blender embedded game, the blender terminal window shows an error showing, UNABLE TO ACCESS COM PORT....ACCESS IS DENIED. (COM8)
    I have already compiled the main.c file in openrex and successfully run the application from TeraTerm terminal. But the blender is unable to access com port although I have specified the same COM port as TeraTerm and same baud rate as 115200.
    Pls help asap.

    P.S. I also tried running blender as Admin and also changed the COM ports but same results every time.

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    Did you try to close the terminal window? Maybe the COM port is used by some other application - that is usual reason why Blender can not open the port.