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Parallel Camera Input with TinyRex

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  • Parallel Camera Input with TinyRex

    I have a TinyRex module and I want to capture 16-bit grayscale video that is coming from an FPGA. For this, a modified TinyRex baseboard lite is used where the HDMI input and associated ICs and components are replaced with a parallel connector. Is using mxc_v4l2_capture module enough for doing this, or do I need to write a custom driver for this purpose? Also, do you know how should we modify mxc_v4l2_capture?

    Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance
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    When we were adding support for the HDMI input, it was a lot of work and for some time the software didn't want to work. The original first support was added by a guy working in completely different company (we do not have our own programmers), so I do not know exactly how to do it. What you can do, have a look at differences between the original source code and compare changes for the TinyRex. I don't think he wrote a new driver, I think, he just modified existing code, but I may be wrong. Depends what kernel you are using, but this may help:

    PS: OpenRex could be maybe easier to connect. I think, you can use one of the connectors as CSI Camera input. Check Page 7: