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Test plan to bring-up OpenRex

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  • Test plan to bring-up OpenRex

    Hi Robert,
    I am working on an embedded project that building a gateway designed based on OpenRex.
    Could you show or instruct me a test plan/ test process that used to bring-up the board from the assembled board.
    Thank you!


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    A lot information can be found here:

    The link is about iMX6 Rex module, but the process is very similar. In the link you will find a lot of information - from flashing the empty module, through peripheral verification up to the whole production test.

    PS: Be sure PMIC on OpenRex is programmed: A lot of links about OpenRex is here (but I guess you already know thisone):

    If you have any specific technical questions, the best is to post them here.


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      Hi Robert-

      Would the Try Before Buy script in your link above work for the MMPF0100NPAEP device?


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        I am not sure what script you mean


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          I apologize. I wasn't at all clear in what I was asking.

          I have a board with the MMPF0100NPAEP part as it comes from nxp. I understand that it needs to be programmed to work on an OpenRex board. In the link above:

          it shows the instructions for programming the PMIC as well as the try before buy and one time programming script. My question is whether those scripts apply to the MMPF0100NPAEP part.


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            We used that script to flash OpenRex. But I do not remember if there are any updates in the script - I think it should work oki.

            I believe, you should be able to play with the chip - I think that is the Try-before-buy. Once you are happy with your Try-before-buy script, you can then adjust it based on One Time programming script.

            PS: The script may need to be adjusted to your specific custom board


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              Thanks, Robert. Appreciate the help.