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  • Touchscreen for OpenREX

    Hi, I am after small (3.5" - 4") display for Openrex board? Been searching quite a bit and all points me to direction of HDMI attached or RGB displays, but since I am after compact design with small display, HDMI is out of question and RGB panels needs adapter PCB design.

    Is there already suitable display, which is designed to be used with Openrex LVDS and Touch connectors on board?

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    Hi, I contacted VOIPAC about this and I have been told, that the best will be if you talk directly to them. So please, send them email.


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      Yes, been talking with them and RGB display needs adapter board and can be done. However, I am questioning this design - whoever designed board and placed J12 (LVDS) and J10 (touch screen), could there be a display which was planned to use with these connectors?


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        No specific display. It is an universal LVDS header - and usually you can buy (or create) cable for it. Here is an example of project for display adapter:


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          I bought iMX6 Rex Dev and LDVS LCD display from Digikey. I can't find any LCD display that can connect directly to the board. Can someone makes recommendation where to buy or build the display adapter board. VOIPAC is no longer selling this product. Is there any LCD display that I can use to connect directly to the board. Your help is much appreciated.

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            The LVDS connector should be pretty standard - just look for a display with similar connector. Usually you can also buy the cable and if needed you can swap the wires in cable manually:

            I just searched in digikey and clicked on the first display:

            Of course, you need to double check the timing, protocol, levels .... finding display takes some time.

            Do not forget, you can also manufacture the adapter board by yourself:


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              Robert, thank you for the information. I need touchscreen LCD. I can't find the touch screen LCD that has 20 pin interface. It seems like building a adapter board is only option. do you have another recommendation for available solution, not building the board? If not, can you recommend the website/company here in US that can make the board from design files without converting or modification. Thank you for your help


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                It is a simple PCB, you can upload it to or (I used JLCPCB before, no problems). Download and send to PCB manufacturing file called: PCB Manufacturing - LVDS Adapter Type 1


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                  Robert, the adapter you provided converts 20 pin connector to 33 pin LCD interface. My LCD has 40 pin interface. Is there adapter available that can be used for connecting imx6Rex dev board to this type of LCD display ( see link below)?


                  Thank you for your help


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                    We do not have any other adapter