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ATX motherboard Powering Schematics

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  • robertferanec
    That is a very broad question. Schematics between different x86 can be very very very different.

    Intel used to have something called "Intel Embedded Board planner" (just google for it). It used to be possible to generate there schematic of x86:

    I made a post about it some time ago:

    I tried to search for it now, but could not find anything (the googled link doesn't work much). Maybe try to google around a little bit more. Maybe it will help.

    Otherwise, just try to google for example "intel atom schematic":

    PS: To access schematic for recent and advanced designs, you will need NDA.

    PSS: Have a look also at my server posts, it may also help:

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  • V3rn3r
    started a topic ATX motherboard Powering Schematics

    ATX motherboard Powering Schematics

    Good day.
    Does anybody know where ATX motherboard schematics could be found?
    Mostly I want to figure out power schematics for 8086 family processor and how does VSB, +5V, +3v3, +12V and Reset lines organized on the motherboard.
    Maybe there are any design guides, I will be happy to know more about this.

    Thanks, everybody!