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Is a wrong height of a 3D body a problem for the pick and place files?

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  • Is a wrong height of a 3D body a problem for the pick and place files?

    I'm using step files for the 3D bodies, they're the same dimensions, since they're the same package (0402, 0603, etc) except for the height, in some cases the height of my component is lower than the 3D model, I have no problem in using different heights for illustrative purposes, but at some point, I will have to send the design to an assembly house, and I wonder if this could lead to problems in the assembly process.

    Also, I've noticed that in the footprint properties there's a field called "height", is this a different parameter from the 3D body?

    This is the first "professional" board that I ever designed, and I don't want to mess up anything.

    Thank you a lot!

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    you do not have to worrie about it.

    I have send many many designs oto manufacturers and never had I any complaint.. (i usually have that one set to 0mil) the step files will not be included into the pick and place file so no need to worry, many fabs have their own database to reference by, and to be honest you cannot have a 0402 footprint for every "C", "R" or "L" height.. that is just a never ending story... so just hit dat button to generate and send it of.. if there is anything wrong they will contact you and just for reference, I usually ask the Fab for feedback on the design.. they will come back with some nice nuggets of info on production that you can incorporate in new desings.


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      Good to hear that!

      However, Can I still set the Height field with the datasheet info, just for reference?


      • Paul van Avesaath
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        off course! I do believe that number is used in some rules (height clearance) if you are using it...

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      I agree with Paul van Avesaath.

      PS: The height is there from the times before 3D models. In Altium I never use it (always set to 0). I do use Height in Allegro.


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        Very helpful
        I really appreciate it,