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how can i start to learn for realize a idea ?

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  • how can i start to learn for realize a idea ?

    I will develop a system and i know i dont have adequate knowledge and studying to raise it.

    I want to develop myself about hardware design and programming. My system(the idea) has a microcontroller and several sensors. I cannot sure which mcu is better, which sensors can be compatiple it. Could you give an advice how i can specify my road step-by-step, which courses or resources ı have to study. Should i continue your another design courses (completed 'learn to design your own boards' course).

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    At this moment, maybe I would recommend to find a development board which has all the peripherals you need for your idea and plenty of examples. Ideally, maybe start with a microcontroller board e.g. Arduino ... build your idea around Arduino - wire up all the sensors and write software for it. Once it is working you can place everything on 1 board.


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      Thank you Robert, actually i would like to start with this kit.
      The DA14585 IoT Multi Sensor Development Kit is a complete solution for a multi-sensor node letting users develop multiple applications on the same hardware.

      Do u have any suggestion with having ble 5 module?


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        You can check Nordic Semiconductor also. Their support is good.
        I've not worked with Dialog-Semiconductor. But most of the smartwatch uses Dialog's BLE uC.

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      I have not used any ble 5 module. BTW: Some time ago I made a video with Sam who designed smartwatch based on a dialog chip, may be interesting for you how he debugged the chip: