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Affordable Alternative to Altium Designer?

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  • Affordable Alternative to Altium Designer?

    Hi! I just purchased the "Learn to Design Your Own Boards" 15 hour course and am thrilled to build my own Arduino-like board. Professionally, I'm a software engineer who frequently works on firmware, but I don't have an electrical engineering background. This will be the first board I've ever created and is a hobby only at this point. I'm wondering if there is a recommended alternative to Altium Designer? I understand the cost of Altium Designer is in the thousands of dollars (USD) and even Altium Circuit Studio is $500 USD. Is it possible to use CircuitMaker with the course or could you recommend another free or affordable ($100 or less) tool? Thank you.

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    Hi TerenceD we can borrow you Altium license for up to 3 months, if that would help. Also, I know, that many people use KiCAD with the course, but then it would be harder to follow it step-by-step. The best is to send us an email to [email protected] and let me know which way you would like to go.

    Thank you very much for signing up.


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      Thank you, Robert! I just sent an email to [email protected].