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  • Paul van Avesaath
    ref designs are the way to go !! but dont be scared to go up a notch in layer count.. in price it doesn't make that much difference, but in time spent it can be a Big difference. also more room makes for a better looking PCB.. if you need a very low cost high volume product then take the time and do it on as minimal amount of layers..but 99% of the time that is not the case..

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  • robertferanec
    That is a big topic.

    But basically, this is what I normally do:
    1) powers + grounds + decoupling capacitors
    2) memory interface
    3) differential pairs and other high speed signals
    4) rest of the signals

    How exactly to fanout a BGA, it depends on the technology what you can use (e.g. through hole vias only, uVIAs, vias in pad, how many layers, etc), it depends on BGA pitch, ... a lot of factors. It is not som simple to answer.

    But, the best is to have a look at reference design and see how they did it.

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  • karimoviç
    started a topic Fanout


    Hello , how i can fanout the BGA ?