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Help to build a portfolio on the right way

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  • Help to build a portfolio on the right way

    Hi Guys how are you?
    Im just finalize the course "make your own boards" and did some prototypes by myself. I started to trying get jobs as freelancer but I have no succeed yet.
    I started to think that a good way to succeed on that would be create a portfolio where the costumer can look and going to contact me.
    Anyone has the same experience? How start a good portfolio on the right way and how to show in proper way?
    thank you guys!
    PS: Im going to Advanced PCB design course now! Thank you Robert for awesome courses.

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    a good portfolio is a must when starting. but keep it simple in the beginning.. a word document is fine, but when you have some clients ask them to write a small reference you can include with each project. in your word document you can start with your own introduction who you are and what you did for courses / school etc. etc. also include hobbies of interest. just like a C.V. then take pictures of the projects and write a small story about the project who it was for and how it was used. inlcude time spent (or an estimate) but dont go into too much detial just as a reference.. the more you do the faster you get. so sometimes go back and update .. use a few pictures of the altium design. and if you have pictures of the end product in real life include those as well.

    hope this helps


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      I use google sites - it is very simple to setup. I have not updated my portfolio for a very long time, but here you can get an idea how I did it: