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distance beteween tracks

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  • distance beteween tracks

    Hello , wich is the preffered distance between the pcb routing tracks ??

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    it depends heavily on what you are doing.. in some cases like differential pais you need a specific distance between the pair.. for other signals there are rules of thumb. in general 3 or 4x the line width is a good one to keep in mind. to with 4 mil tracks keep 12 mil between. but that is in high density design rarely possible then you go down to 1 or 2 x line width. but for some signals you do not want any distortion so you keep those clear from everything. e.g. analog data lines or clock lines. hope this helps.. (10 mil is usually enough) but if you have the room for it.. keep it as wide as can set in in the rules! one simple trick you can use when routing a bus. is to space the track in between evenly. to do this use select all the buss lines and then do ctr+shift+ V for vertical busses and Ctrl+Shift+H for horizontal busses.. it spaces them between the outher two lines. you do have to reconnect all the middel lines at all the ends but you will lover the evenly spaced layout!


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      Also, this video may help: TIP #025: Try to use as big gap / clearance between signals as possible