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    I have done my first hardware project which is a water tank level control this was made possible by your training course

    The project work Ok

    But next step is to get it to market

    How do I get my board certified

    And if it is possible for me to send you my board for your review

    Please thanks

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    To certify - it is different between countries. However, search for a test house close to your location. People in the test house will do the tests and they will help you to get an idea what else you may need to fully certify your product. Be prepared, certification is expensive.

    In some countries you can self certify products - this means, you say they are OK. In this case it is much cheaper - you pay for testing, but that is much cheaper than paying for certification.

    To start, you can search for something like "ce self certification". I hope this helps.

    PS: Swilliams I am sorry I do not do reviews as I have a lot of work on my current projects.