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    I am currently starting in this field
    Solving AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism to understand basics terms and concept

    (Ohms Law, Gauss Law, Inductors, Capacitor, Magnetic Fields, Engineering Mathematics, Digital Logic, Computer Organizations and Architecture )

    please recommend other books, Topics, Websites to gain basis concept and principles that will further help me in understanding your course better

    so, when i start your course i don’t want to get stuck in understanding basic things like

    I want to make my own mobile and computer and design their PCB, Motherboard, processor, RAM, GPU after completing your course

    I am interested in designing and physical manufacturing

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    Hi gauravkunwarnxt all my courses are practical. I do not speak there about theory - just specific recommendation. For basic courses - nothing is required. For the Advanced courses it is good to have at least basic understanding of Altium Designer, so you can practice in the examples.

    Please, I have explained this many times. It is not possible to became a really good engineer after watching a video. If that would really work, we would have world full of great engineers. It doesn't work like that.

    Designing motherboards or mobile phones are the most complex designs. You need to be good. It doesn't mean you can't try to design a complex board with no experience, but .... when I was starting with HW design, I made 10 mistakes in a simple blinky circuit. When you are designing complex boards, you can't make mistakes on a board with thousands of components - if you do, it is going to cost a LOT of time and a LOT of money to find the problem and fix it. We are speaking about tens of thousands of dollars (sometimes even hundreds of thousands).