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Importance of Grid on the Layout?

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  • Importance of Grid on the Layout?

    Just wanted to learn from your experience what grid size should be used for footprint design, Layout, Placement, Routing ?
    are they should be used different sizes for each of three operations ? or use same for these type of work?

    it would be interesting and helpful if you can share how it helped your efficiency with the use of grid setting !

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    This is how I normally do it:
    - footprint design: as required (depends on datasheet, units, sizes)
    - placement: placement of big components e.g. 1mm, placement of small components 0.1mm
    - layout and routing: I try to have vias on 0.1mm but for drawing tracks I can use also a smaller grid

    In my opinion I try to use grid where it may help machines the improve accuracy e.g. placement machines, drilling machines etc. If there is no machine required (e.g. etching lines), I believe grid is not really important. But that is just my opinion.


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      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Robert !
      my experience
      I work in inches/mils so I use 5 mils and 10 mils for routing and placement and 1 mils for footprint. But while routing traces I noticed that trace is not always align with from IC pin to say capacitor pin there is times jog in a trace, so I end up using 1 mils for placement as well but it takes more time in alignment to fix jog issue, did you experience similar ?

      also how about schematic is it same 40/4 mils settings ?


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        For schematic I always use 100 mils grid and 50/10 mils for symbols.
        For PCB I usually use a setup pretty much like robertferanec , the only thing is , if routing a mils component with lots of pins I change the grid on the components area to mils.


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          Thanks for sharing your experience !


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            For another viewpoint (high current, thicker copper, microcontroller, etc).
            - Components: preferred 1mm, option 0.5mm
            - Traces: preferred 0.25mm, option 0.1mm
            - Via's: centered on the trace, for stitching: 0.5mm
            - Text (designators): 0.1mm
            - Schematic: 100mil, unless small needed (ie zener diode)