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GND net pins on TOP and Bottom Layers

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  • GND net pins on TOP and Bottom Layers

    Hi everyone,

    during the pcb layout I have noticed that some GND pins are assigned in the TOP layer where other ones are assigned to the Bottom Layer. I want to drive all GND net traces on the bottom layer on my 2 layer PC board. Is there any way I can assign every GND pin into the Bottom Layer?

    Best regards,
    Andrew Georgousis.
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    Maybe you are using blue color on GND net and now all GND pads look like they are on the bottom layer? Try press F5


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      Thanks robert,
      ok problem is solved I got confused because I assigned blue color on GND net and I thought they were on the bottom layer but they are as expected on top layer since the SMD components are placed on the top layer of the board.