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    Hello there , a via stitching is it used just for cooling a component (regulators for exemple ) or it has other utilisations . Also, a stitching via should has a net name or i can let it "no net" ???

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    Via stiching is used to either:
    - Help cooling
    - Connect net on differing layers, primarily Gnd
    And yes, the via needs to be in a net. Altium automatically assigns a net if the via is placed on a trace (not a polygon!)


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      I would like to add, via stitching may have number of different reasons.

      For example GND stitching VIAs can be used to control return currents (some time ago I made a video on this topic: How GND VIAs Improve Your PCB Layout ). Or in RF they can help to create waveguide, they may be important when designing PCB antennas or they can help with EMC/EMI etc ....