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Advanced Hardware Design Second Edition

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  • Advanced Hardware Design Second Edition

    Hello everyone

    I am thinking about doing "Advanced Hardware Design" course, but I prefer to do the new one. Is it an estimate date in which it is going to be avalible?

    Thanks in advance.

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    My original plan was to finish it this year ... but it is not really going to happen. It's super difficult to fit it between all the other things I am working on. I thought it will be simple to re-record it, but I add some additional information into the updated lessons (especially I add also things about Orcad and Allegro) so it requires some time also to prepare the materials, not just re-record it.

    This means, I do not have any specific time when it will be finished, that is why it is currently free with the packages.


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      Hello! How is this thing going? I'm also interested in taking the 2nd edition of the course. Thank you!


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        It is still on my TODO list and it is something what I keep thinking about every day and something I really should do, but .... I am catch in the loop of making youtube videos, which are helping me to get income to finance new portal for more online courses from more instructors. And until the new portal will start working by itself and making money without me, it's super hard to find time (a lot of time) to update the courses

        Simply to say, if I start updating the courses, I can't make youtube videos. If I do not make youtube videos, I will loose my income and it would mean no updated courses, no new free content on youtube. So I still need to wait. We work hard to see some big changes next year. Let's see how it goes.


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          Hey guys, I'm planning to learn high-speed PCB design. Therefore I have watched courses(thanks to Robert ) . now I'm trying to make an actual board, but it seems it is way too expensive to buy IMX processors and rams and components like these. could you tell me what a proper and low-cost way to training actual high-speed PCBs is?


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            Yes, designing cpu board is not cheap. I have seen some people using different chips, not only imx, but also allwinner, fpga, zynq, etc

            Cheaper solutions can be to use a SOM module and design custom baseboard or peripheral boards, breakout boards etc. In this case you would not be doing memory layout, but you still can do layout of high speed interfaces and it can be much cheaper.

            I hope this helps