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Draw Pcb of MMC Reader

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  • Draw Pcb of MMC Reader

    Hi Dear Robert.
    I Have two MMC Socket that i want to connect them to MMC Port Of Microcontroller like below picture.
    at one moment, only one socket is used. i have two question
    1. what topology should i use to draw pcb so i did not loose speed?(T Branch or FlyBy or ...)
    2. where should i place pull up resistors(at the end side of one of socket or i must place pull up resistors for each socket)?

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    First simple question: what are the distances?


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      From micro to each socket, 3 cm


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        Not an ideal situation. However, if I would have to, I would use fly-by and I would place the one which will be used more and has higher speed as the second one. Still I would try to keep the distance between the pads of the first socket and pads of the second socket very short (e.g. maybe I would place them on the top of each other). If termination resistors are required I would place them at the end of the tracks (behind the last socket).


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          Thanks so much


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            I would not do this as you talked about above.

            You should use an SDIO switch/multiplexer.


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              You should use an SDIO switch/multiplexer
              - ibocakir06 is right, that would be the proper and best solution