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Capacitor physical size

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  • Capacitor physical size

    Hi everyone,

    I have started working on ISL6236A( altium essential course), I noticed,I have selected wrong capacitor size instead of 0805 1uF,50V I used 1206 1uF,50V.

    Is it okay to use 1206 instead of 0805 capacitor if specific for both are same except physical size ?

    I am new to Altium, could you please provide suggestions.

    Thank you

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    Wrong in what sense?
    - Footprint matching BoM?
    - Does the bigger one fit the space?
    - DC bias?
    - Inductance?
    - Power dissipation rating?
    - etc.

    I have not done the course so I do not know if it would be a physical problem there.
    Often it is even possible to solder a 1206 on a 0805 footprint. Difficult, but possible. Just don't do it for mass production.


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      You can try to work with 1206 but it may be harder to follow the tutorial step-by-step.

      PS: Personally, I would just create a new 0805 component and update the design. It is a 10min job.


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        Yes I’ll update so it’s bit easy to follow.

        Thank you