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On correcting Schematic in middle of layout

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  • On correcting Schematic in middle of layout

    While doing layout with the video I noticed I have an error in schematic and went and changed it, compiled and updated the PCB and had to execute the net difference and component difference which I just accepted all and proceeded without much care. Went back to layout and continued. Now, I see the double lines. What are they and how should I have done this and how to get rid of those lines. I have attached a picture of the screen showing the lines.

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    Hi zeino,

    Those are error markers I believe and they probably occur because you have all those nets unconnected. They will disappear when you route the nets, but since they are quite annoying you can reset them from Tools -> Reset error markers.


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      Thank you very much mairomaster

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    Thank you Mairomaster, that resolved my problem. Now I can continue. Cheers