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    Is this calculator good enough provided by Siera Circuit? how can I implement this in my design? any example? which input value should I use for high-speed analog and digital signals? how do I use this output result?
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    I have never used this calculator. What are you trying to calculate?


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      Here, I am trying to calculate the signal wavelength, critical length, and others. Here I put Er = 4.2 and Tr = 1ns as an input. So from this I have found this. Is this correct or not?
      There are other pcb tools, provided by sierra circuit, is this good or not?
      Sierra Circuits Canada was established in 2022 to service the PCB manufacturing and assembly needs of our Canadian and worldwide customers.

      In this image for 1ns rise time the maximum frequency is 0.5GHz. So how can we calculate DTR from 0.5GHz? Here the result is DTR = 0.14Gbps

      If the DTR >=2* clock frequency, for the 0.5GHz maximum frequency, DTR should be DTR = 1Gbps
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        i use saturn pcb toolkit..

        Its free and a lot of capabilites


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          I also use saturn pcb


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            What needs to be changed here? Which method should be used?
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              I use defaults