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For a smps charger circuit & specifications

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  • For a smps charger circuit & specifications

    I want to make a smps mobile charger for which specification are ie.
    input - Ac supply 220-230v, 50htz
    Output- DC supply 5v, 2A
    But unfortunately I didn't find its circuit diagram, parts number, bom or any kind of merarial etc.
    kindly gives the guidance. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
    Thank you .

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    I am going to be very blunt and direct.
    With a question like that, SMPS from 230Vac is too dangerous.

    Use a simple transformer first to a safe voltage, rectify and add capacitors.
    Then add a simple SMPS from that low voltage to the desired voltage.

    SMPS designs can be 'found' here:

    Before selecting a solution, make sure that you can get the regulator as a large amount of them are not on stock.
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      I am sure you have your reasons why you would like to design it. Just maybe re-consider if it really is necessary. It is much cheaper and much easier just to buy an existing charger. I know it is not a direct answer to your question, but maybe it will help.


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        firstly I m reply on qdrive, your suggestion is very appropriable and be honest it give it gives me a lot of power designer solutions for my project.
        On other hand I reply to Robert sir, yes I have my reason and that is I want to feel the electronics by making this and on other hand as I hope the built of a battery charger is a simple device to make for a comfortable practice as well as.
        yeah it is easier to buy a new charger but I want to start with this. If you have any kind of help kindly provide.
        Thanks to you both


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          Switch mode power supplies are not easy. Better start with low (and safe) voltage before going high voltage.
          Also make sure that you have done the topology in low voltage.