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Enter details for 4 layer PCB into Altium for JLCPCB

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  • Enter details for 4 layer PCB into Altium for JLCPCB

    I am trying to create my first 4 layer PCB. The JLCPCB website containts 4 layer option so I can get it manufactured there.

    When I open Altium designer stackup tab, it needs more information. This includes the actual name of the material e.g PP-006, CF-003 e.t.c. It also needs the Dk and Df values.

    I can't find these on the website directly here: How do I get the values for material name, Dk and Df? Do I contact the JLCPCB directly?
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    Are you going to do high speed design?
    If not, just select the best Altium equivalent.
    For core just focus on thickness and for prepreg the construction and thickness.
    Altium has Dk and Df for those predefined.

    But JLCpcb does have the Dk values on their site:
    Click image for larger version

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    So the prepreg is 4.4 and the core 4.43.


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      Yes, you just copy and paste thickness values from jlcpcb to altium. The exact values in Altium stackup are not really important if you will be uploading the finished project to jlcpcb, but it is a good practice to have it correctly set in altium.

      BTW, that is not the best stackup, I would recommend to use the one with thinner prepreg for example JLC04161H-3313 Stackup