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New Component PCB Connection Lost

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  • New Component PCB Connection Lost

    Hi everybody,
    I am desiging a basic led armature using AL5802 I could not find the libraries and created by myself the LED's and AL5802 in my own library.. I matched all the pins during library creating added 3D boyd and so on... I designed my Schematic as you see in figure 1. And uploaded it to PCB document as you see in Figure 2. And the i recognized that some connections (actually lots) are lost (Figure 3). Is there anybody out there that can help me or make a comment on this topic ? How can i connect them manually without getting any error during design rule check. Because when i connect them using "Interactively Route Connector" (figure 4) i got "Short Circuit Errors" during Design Rule Check.
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    Please, confirm that pin orientation is not the problem:


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      Thank you robert. It was the problem. i used my pin orientatation at wrong side.