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  • mcu , rx , tx

    hello everyone ,

    i'm a beginner with altium , tx pin has no driving source when i put it output ,, and when i changed to input i had no warning .
    the same thing with sim 800 , the error is he same with pin tx when it is output .
    so i can't have a communication between the two .
    why this error appear ??? how can i solve it ???

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    Hello samfe. We do not set pin types, we keep them all passive. The main reason is, that a lot of pins can have alternate functions and it was causing a lot of problems - especially during Error Check. Using PORTs can help you with Error Check a little bit (e.g. altium can check if multiple output PORTS are not connected together), but this PIN/PORT checking is not implemented very good in Altium. Maybe they improved it, but just couple of days ago I have seen similar post:


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      thank you robertferanec