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DRC related error and DRC settings.

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  • DRC related error and DRC settings.

    While running DRC I got error massage as

    " Access violation at address 2578938B in module 'ADVPCB.DLL'. Read of address 000001C8 at 2578938B.

    Exception Occurred In

    Suggestions please.

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    I would try to switch off and on Altium. That sometimes helps.


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      Yes its working ...Thanks....but I hope its not a big issue ...well, if possible can you plz suggest me about DRC violation Display correct setting( as its highlighting all the component rather it should highlight only DRC affected component , is there any prerequisite setting for it as its not working properly?) and any video which shows actual routing of complex board with DRC evaluation.(Last suggested video has a very little routing). Thanks In Advance..


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        Altium is "famous" for crashing. There are some certain situations or configurations which will consistently crash. Usually restarting Altium helps, if not, you need to find a different way to do the thing which cause crashing.

        I do not have preferred DRC settings, as I sometimes change them during design process (e.g. enabling/disabling "Un-Routed Net"). Normally I do not use things like "Testpoint" or "Signal Integrity", but the other rules are usually checked.

        When working with DRC, I recommend to use PCB Rules and Violation window (go to your PCB, go to the bottom right corner, click on PCB -> PCB Rules and Violations). Browse through the Rules, double click on Violation and try "Jump" & "Highlight" buttons. See the attached screenshot.

        Click image for larger version

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          Ok...Thanks again.

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        Hello , I have same problem but it's related to Doviashielding. In circuit there is no polygon but it gives this error
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