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Is BGA Fanout Option useful ? And what about it's capabilities?

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  • robertferanec
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    The reason why I don't use automatic fanout and autorouter is, that they don't work well for the designs I do - complex and small in size.

  • Poo
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    Thanks for the reply. Well, "Routing PCB Layout with DDR3 & High Speed Interfaces" video is ok....but the Lesson 8 video is really helpful as it explains so many things with reason.Your routing strategies are too good. As being a beginner, there are so many things to learn for me from these videos.
    But the sad thing is that you are not using Automatic Fanout (and may be Auto-router too). So, you can't help me regarding those topics, will you?

  • robertferanec
    - If you are not sure how to do fanout, have a look at the reference board of your chip manufacturer and see how they did that. Sometimes it is very hard to fanout a BGA, especially if you only can use through hole VIAs.

    - I normally start fanout from power supplies and important interfaces (such memories),

    - go from the middle to the edges.

    - I do not use automatic fanout, I always do it manually.

    - I always fanout all the pins from the BGA first and then continue in connecting them

    - I think, this video may help you: Advanced PCB Layout (Video) – Lesson 8 of Schematic & PCB Design Course

    - Some time ago I wrote How to Route DDR3 Memory and CPU fan-out for Altium, maybe that could help you too.

    - And maybe watch also this video: Watch routing PCB Layout with DDR3 & High Speed Interfaces

    I hope it helps. Poo, please let me know which of the videos was the most interesting one.

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  • Is BGA Fanout Option useful ? And what about it's capabilities?

    Hello, I have a doubt related to BGA fanout option.
    1) Will it efficiently get the connection out of BGA pad.
    2) What about its capabilities? Will it work for more complex connections too ?
    3) What do you prefer, shall we use this feature or go with manual fanout (If this, then any trick or method to save time) ?
    4) Any suggestion regarding BGA fanout.