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  • 12L HDI stackup

    Hi all,

    I am trying to find stackup which would be similar to stackup No 3 on This stackup was used on Advanced PCB Layout Course. To complete Lesson 3, I have to do all track impedance calculation on similar stackup. Since I am having troubles finding similar stackup (12Layers, uVias, buried Vias etc), I need some alternative stackup. I suppose that only difference will be dielectric used.

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    Hello Milos, why can not you use one of the stackups from the article?


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      Ok, I'll do that. Thanks


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        I calculated stackup using I checked all the impedances. They definitely calculated impedances on L3 and L10 using only base copper weight (18 um).


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          Hi milos.stankovic, please could you be more specific? Something doesn't look correct? I believe, the suggested stackup should be the one which was suggested by the PCB manufacturer. But Martin can confirm it, I will double check.


          • robertferanec
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            Editing a comment
            Martin confirmed, that this stackup was used and the numbers should be correct. If you have any specific questions / calculations let me know. We have got the numbers for PCB manufacturer, so they may be a little bit different comparing to the theoretical numbers.