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  • PCB Paper Model

    Thank you very much for your frequent Tip videos. I have picked up several useful notes watching them.

    One quick question regarding your Tip #30 about PCB Paper Models (great idea, by the way): are SMD components just placed on the paper PCBs or do you somehow secure them in place. At one point in the video, it looks as though you are able to turn the paper PCB on its side, suggesting the mock-up is quite sturdy. Curious what approach you use.

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    Through hole components will just hold there without any glue. Small components, we just place on the paper, we do not glue them. The main reason for not gluing components is, that often we need to create a new paper model and then it could be difficult to remove the components and place them on the new paper model. However, we sometimes use a tape to hold them down.

    PS: Drass, thank you very much for feedback on the tips. I am very happy you found some of them useful