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Floating point precision error?

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  • Floating point precision error?

    Hi, I just started using Altium 18.0 and facing a weird bug. Not sure if this is my fault or some setting has gone wrong.

    The bug is Altium is keep saying I'm violating a component clearance even I'm not. If you look at clearance_error.png you can see "Component Clearance Constraint (0.1mm < 0.1mm)". Many components in the same PCB file is reporting the same bug but there is one case which is not having the error (clearance_no_error.png). I also attached my clearance constraint.

    Any idea why this is happening? Thanks.
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    Could you leave the placement as you have it now and try to set the rule to 0.09? I am just curious if that would help to remove the violation.


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      Hi Robert,

      Yes it removes the error. But would it be a good idea to keep it that way?


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        Based on the message "Component Clearance Constraint (0.1mm < 0.1mm)" .... I do not know, looks like a bug (?) Clearly, that statement is not true. I would probably just set the rule to 0.099 and would not spent much more time with that.