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1812 footprint too small

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  • 1812 footprint too small

    Hello everyone,

    I am talking about the SMD capacitor 1812 (4532 metric) footprint.

    See for example this one: C4532X7R1E226M250K with following link in DigiKey:

    If one goes to its footprint from like follows: From DigiKey link --> Download from UltraLibrarian --> on the footprint click on "DetailedView", we see its footprint as attached.

    Pointed with the arrow we see that half of the pad is 0.203mm !!! How comes that ? Is that a mistake ? Shouldn't the pad be 1.6mm ?

    Thank you for your time !

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    If you check datasheet from the digikey link and dimensions for C4532, it really looks like the pad width is min 0.2mm
    Click image for larger version

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